Energy Efficient

ScandMist collectors come fitted with a closed-loop motor and fan speed control fitted as standard. The featured EC motors are designed to deliver maximum performance from a low energy demand.

Because of our 3-stage filter process, ScandMist collector reduces energy consumption and allow captured droplets to be recycled and/or reused.

Cost Effective

The exhaust air from ScandMist units is so clean it can be returned directly to the work environment. You no longer have to heat and expel air outside resulting in a remarkable impact on heating costs.

Diverse Systems

ScandMist offers a full line of oil smoke and mist collectors to meet the needs of any machining process application.

Our off-the-shelf-solutions are easy to install and have an extraction capacity of up to 6,000 m3/h for oil mist applications and 4,000 m3/h for oil smoke.

We also offer high capacity systems for air flows from 8,000 m3/h to over 100,000 m3/h. These fully customized units are easily integrated and include all of the required components to plug into your new or existing ventilation system.

Improved Work Conditions

When improperly filtered, oil mist and smoke deposits settle on work surfaces creating slippery and unsafe conditions. Overexposure to oil smoke and mist presents respiratory, skin, and lung health risks for machine operators.

ScandMist collector models are specifically designed to effectively eliminate fire risks, workplace injuries, and health hazards.

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