The Problem:

Oil Mist & Smoke in Work Environments

The make-up of oil mist and smoke.

What's in Oil Mist and Smoke?

When lubricants are combined with high-speed machining tools, various contaminants are generated. The exact make-up of this contamination will differ depending on the application but will likely consist of a mix of oil, water, additives, metal slivers, bacteria and more.

Exposure to oil mist and/or smoke is detrimental to both human health and the surrounding environment.

The higher the speed, heat, and coolants, the smaller the droplet size.

How oil mist and smoke produced.

Lubricating fluids + highspeed machining = oil mist/smoke

How is Oil Mist & Smoke Produced?

As industrial machining tools work faster to improve productivity, coolant delivery rates, and pressures increase, and air pollution is generated. Exposure to these contaminants is detrimental to both human health and the surrounding environment.

ScandMist removes fumes, emissions and other harmful by-products of metalworking processes at the source using a 3-stage filtration process.

ScandMist oil smoke and mist collectors allow clean air to be returned directly to the work environment and exceed international health and safety standards for exposure limits to metalworking fluids.

ScandMist exceeds all prescribed limits for exposure to metalworking fluids. To make compliance easy, we can survey your facility and recommend an optimized filter solution for even the most challenging environments!

Stay Compliant - Both Now and In The Future

Because ScandMist’s exhaust air is so clean, it can be returned directly to the workshop. That means you can break the cycle of continually heating and expelling air outside. And that can have a dramatic impact on your heating costs.

ScandMist is energy efficient in its operation by employing EC motors that deliver maximum performance from a low energy demand—with closed-loop motor and fan speed control fitted as standard.

The real beauty of ScandMist oil mist collectors lies in their simplicity; each is a completely custom design but consists of a selection of standard ScandMist units integrated together—with one common inlet and one common outlet. This modular approach allows us to quickly design a system that is a one-off and tailored for your exact requirements while using technology that’s well-proven in the field.

Machine operator working on a machining process.

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