Forging Press application

Foring Press Oil Smoke Collection

Forging Press is a manufacturing process that shapes metal using continuously slow pressure and localized compressive forces, also known as deformation. Press forging allows operators to completely deform a workpiece while controlling the internal strain by overseeing the compression rate.

Cold, warm, and hot forging are categorized based on if the metal temperature is above or below the recrystallization temperature:

  • Hot Forging - when the temperature is above the material's recrystallization temp.
  • Cold Forging - below 30% of the recrystallization temperature, usually room temperature
  • Warm Forging - below the material's recrystallization temp. but above 30% of the recrystallization temperature as measured on an absolute scale
  • When metals are forged, techniques such as rolling, pressing, or forming may be implemented to develop specific shapes. The friction of these techniques produces oil smoke which requires immediate filtration.

    As machining tools work faster to improve productivity, coolant delivery rates, and pressures increase, and air pollution is generated. Exposure to these contaminants is harmful to employee safety and the surrounding work environment.

    If oil smoke is not properly captured at or as close to the source as possible, it will quickly contaminant the air and raise health and production risks.

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